Gorgeous Kannadiga Bridal Jewellery

Traditional Kannadiga jewellery is every girl’s dream. Kannada wedding jewellery is gorgeous and contemporary, soaked in the ethos and culture of the state.  The following image shows some of the most common elements of Kannadiga traditional bridal jewellery

Indian Bijou_Kannada_Wedding_Jewellery


Netri Chutti

In other parts of the country, it is known as maang tikka. It draws attention to the bride’s eyes and forehead. White and red stones are commonly used in this traditional piece but these days coloured stones are also being used.

Indian Bijou_Kannada_Wedding_Jewellery


Muthina Vale Jhimki

This is the bridal earring worn by the Kannadiga bride. It is available in long, short and medium patterns. Depending on the design, it is embellished with diamonds or precious gemstones

Indian Bijou_Kannada_Wedding_Jewellery


This is the main bridal necklace that is worn around the neck. The Hara is usually designed as long and thick chains with a pendant

Indian Bijou_Wedding_Kannada_Jewellery


Guruvina Kada

These are the bridal bangles. As is customary in the rest of the country, the bridal bangles are meant to be heavy, ornamental, traditional and exquisite. Apart from Guruvina Kada, Kannadiga bangle styles also includes designs such as Kettu Bale, Pacha Kampina Bale and Kasina Bale.

Indian Bijou_Wedding_Kannada_Jewellery

Pacha Kempina Ungaru

This is the ring worn by a Kannadiga bride. It is usually embellished with rubies and emerald.

Indian Bijou_Wedding_Jewellery_Kannada


Laxmi Sara

This is another necklace worn by the bride. The pendant on this neckalace bears the image of Goddess Laxmi, the goddess of wealth

Indian Bijou_Kannada_Wedding_Jewellery



This is the bridal toe ring. The toe ring is of tremendous significance to a married woman across India and is usually made of silver. But with the changing fashion trends, women today wear toe rings of many different colours and designs



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