Ezebee.com launched in India

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1. What is ezebee.com?

ezebee.com is an online marketplace and community where anyone wanting to sell online can sign up, create a shop, and offer unlimited products or services, all for free! It also helps vendors more easily market their brands with a variety of social networking tools, not to mention the helpful community of ezebees.

2. How did ezebee.com first get started?

The idea for ezebee.com was created in the summer of 2012 when the two founders, Ossian and Frank, discussed how small, creative companies and freelancers turn to the internet to promote their business in times of economic crisis. These small business owners spend a lot of time running their online shop, they also have to take care and stay active on spcial media, blogs and online forums. Without taking into account time spent on SEO, speaking to customers and keeping their websites up to date. Ossian and Frank searched the web and could not find anything that really combines a working online selling platform with a strong and active social network. So they decided to create just that, and ezebee.com was launched in February 2013.

3. Where are you based?

ezebee HQ is located on the beautiful island of Mallorca in Spain. The busy bees here work hard, but it is also great to have some sun to keep you smiling!

4. Where does ezebee.com operate?

ezebee.com is an international platform for creative minds and business owners from all over the world, where they can talk about common interests and support each other. There are Showrooms from over 140 countries and the site functions in 9 different languages! However at the moment ezebee.com are working hard to get more users in India, as this is a country which could really benefit from using a free online platform to sell for fair prices, worldwide.

5. Do you have any special requirements for selling on ezebee.com?

There are no rules for what you can sell on our platform, as long as it’s legal! We do not think creativity should be restricted! If you are a business or individual who wants to share their products or services, you can on ezebee.com! In addition to listing a wide range of handmade items, ezebee.com also has a broad range of fashion, furniture, freelancing services, and more.

6. How can people get connected and start selling their items online?

It’s easy! You can sign up in just a few minutes(even quicker by connecting via Facebook or Twitter) Get started now !

7. Do you have a current favorite item or seller on ezebee.com?

Oh it’s hard to choose a favourite! One very recent showroom which we really like is Organic Bed Threads which is an Australian brand working with artisans in India, check out the showroom here

We post some of our favourites on our online magazine and also do interviews with many showroom owners. Be sure to check out the blog for all ezebee news here

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8. What would you say sets ezebee.com a part from all the rest of the online selling communities?

It’s free! I know it sounds a bit crazy but at ezebee.com we believe that if you have a business your work should be appreciated even if you don’t have all the money. With ezebee.com you don’t have to pay for registration or comission fees. We also have an internal currency where users can buy and sell products without needing money, this is also good for countries with weaker economies to sell for fair prices.

9. Any tips for creatives thinking about opening a showroom?
Stay active on the platform, be genuine, and talk to people! Growing a business is like bringing up a child, you have to care for it and maintain the attention. When you make a presence online, people will notice and it will help to build a trust with the public. So what are you waiting for !





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